Nothing is Impossible.
Trying to download Ignite

Dem music people know ignite. 8)
But the download fails ;/

NostalgiaWikipedia: The term nostalgia describes a sentimentality for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations.



Revenge is very tempting

but it’s wrong, contain yourself and let go.

Weird Fact: My cheeks aren’t proportionate
Trying to discipline myself!!

When we want something we have to invest time and work hard for it. If we want lots of things, it’s a matter of what’s more important.

I want to start dancing again.. 😏

The question is, where though.

I think..

I think I might start posting songs I record here.

Nahihiya na ko

Baka masyado na palang makapal mukha ko 😒😂😵😕😆

I hate how sensitive I am
You know what I want?

A tumbler. I know that refilling a bottle of water with water or juice or anything is bad but I don’t like using glasses. But plastic tumblers make the water taste plastic.. :(

To post my speech or not to post..