Nothing is Impossible.
Random fact.

My old password for games etc. was 12356789014

Napipiga na utak ko

Sabe nila bukas ko na tuloy. Pero ayoko, di ako susuko.

What I’m wearing right now makes me look ridiculous

I’m not even mad. 😅

Trying to download Ignite

Dem music people know ignite. 8)
But the download fails ;/

NostalgiaWikipedia: The term nostalgia describes a sentimentality for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations.



Revenge is very tempting

but it’s wrong, contain yourself and let go.

Weird Fact: My cheeks aren’t proportionate
Trying to discipline myself!!

When we want something we have to invest time and work hard for it. If we want lots of things, it’s a matter of what’s more important.

I want to start dancing again.. 😏

The question is, where though.

I think..

I think I might start posting songs I record here.

Nahihiya na ko

Baka masyado na palang makapal mukha ko 😒😂😵😕😆

I hate how sensitive I am