Nothing is Impossible.
Weird Fact: My cheeks aren’t proportionate
Trying to discipline myself!!

When we want something we have to invest time and work hard for it. If we want lots of things, it’s a matter of what’s more important.

I want to start dancing again.. 😏

The question is, where though.

I think..

I think I might start posting songs I record here.

Nahihiya na ko

Baka masyado na palang makapal mukha ko 😒😂😵😕😆

I hate how sensitive I am
You know what I want?

A tumbler. I know that refilling a bottle of water with water or juice or anything is bad but I don’t like using glasses. But plastic tumblers make the water taste plastic.. :(

To post my speech or not to post..

Missing her a lot.. Things aren’t the same and I wish they were. I really wish they were before we see each other again. Because if they are and we see each other, everything will be even better.

An invigorating experience indeed! 😁🙈

An invigorating experience indeed! 😁🙈

Even though I’m sad this made me laugh

Even though I’m sad this made me laugh

Koothrapali: Penny, two of the brightest stars in the night sky are Altair and Vega. And it is said they were deeply in love but forever separated by the celestial river of the Milky Way.
Penny: Oh, that's sad.
Koothrapali: It is. But once a year, on the seventh day of the seventh month, Vega cries so hard that all the magpies in the world fly up and create a bridge with their wings so the two lovers can be together for a single night of passion.